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Aliexpress is China’s largest retail online store that offer electronics, fashion, home and garden, toys and sports, automotive and many other different products. They also offer their products all over the world and provide European customers possibility of absolutely free shipping for most of their products. Purchasing via Aliexpress online store makes many people happy because of their extremely cheap prices that can be negligible in comparison with prices in other stores in Europe. In some cases, products are 500% cheaper than products in some European online shops or independent outlets. If you are looking for a specific product that is not available in your country, you will almost certainly find it on the Aliexpress online store where all types of products are sold. They offer their customers more than 1,000,000 different products, which will surely satisfy all of your wishes. Aliexpress offers a wide selection of different Chinese manufacturers and their product types. They also provide large selection of delivery options, which are mostly free, but may cost a few euros if you decide to get your products quickly. You also have many benefits, such as discounts, price reductions, and promotional codes in their offer.

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What are your experience with Aliexpress online store?

Before I purchased anything from variety of their products, I bought mainly from my country’s suppliers and some other European online stores. When I first heard about the Aliexpress, I was very impressed about their prices that often were ridiculously cheap compared to prices in my country. So I decided to buy certain products from their online shop for a cheap price. They provide comparable products, in some cases, even the same producers that are available in European stores. I was very pleased with the quality and price, as well as their fast and affordable delivery, which in 90% cases arrived without any additional costs. Delivery usually takes about 20 to 30 business days if you choose free delivery.

However, if you want to get your desirable products within short period of time, such as 7 days, you will usually have an option for Aliexpress delivery for 3 EUR, which is again more favorable than delivery in my country. If I compare other European online stores, where I had to wait for delivery for a month, I can say I completely prefer to buy alternative products from China. Aliexpress shop offers many different payment methods. I recommended that you have an electronic Visa or regular credit card and the issue is solved. Payment via PayPal is not possible.

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Aliexpress store does not have all European languages available but English is always acceptable. It has option to choose other European languages such as German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian and Turkey. For regional settings, simply change the country and currency you would like. Simply change settings to you country and change the value from US dollar USD to EUR for the currency. Then save your settings and all prices of available items and delivery options will be changed.

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Are Chinese products purchased through Aliexpress quality?

The answer to this question is quite clear. Aliexpress have products that are sold to many people around the world. The price is therefore so favorable as there are no brokers in the sale of their products. Chinese origin doesn’t mean that these items are fake or low in quality. They have mass production of many of their products that have the same comparable quality as products in Europe. Many times you can buy product from your local store that is made in China which is 500% more expensive. If you find certain products that are affordable, always check customer satisfaction. If products are labeled with 4 or 5 stars, they have normal quality comparable to most European products. Generally, it depends on of market segment where you buy products, but I can say I am very satisfied with their quality. I’ve done at least 20 different purchases through aliexpress and haven’t had any quality or delivery problems with them. It is important that you check for satisfaction when looking for your desirable products and make sure they are marked with at least 4 stars so that you always avoid poor or low quality Chinese products and always buy the best quality items.

How long does delivery takes on Aliexpress?

Delivery as mentioned before may take around 7 working days but it can be up to 30 business days depending of your choice of delivery. If you choose the most convenient delivery, usually referred to as “Aliexpress Shipping”, you will pay about 3 to 4 Euros, and usually you will get your items in approximately 10 days. For free delivery, however, there are various delivery companies, which usually deliver goods in 20 to 30 working days according to my experience. Sometimes a particular purchase may be delayed for a week or more, but these are only rare cases.

How to buy via Aliexpress without paying any customs, tax or any additional costs?

My country has limit of 22 EUR to be free of all costs regarding customs or tax. You can make a purchase up to a total of 22 EUR and you will not be charged for any any additional tax, customs or any other costs. Following my long term experience with Aliexpress this amount applies without regard to the postage, because they have determined in the Customs Administration Post of my country that delivery costs is not subject for taxation of products whose value is less than 22 EUR. This means that the total amount of your purchase can be higher than 22 EUR with postage costs. For this reason, for example, you can have a value of 21 EUR and a shipping cost of 4 EUR, which is a total of EUR 25 and you won’t be charged for any customs or tax. It is important to know that the amount of all products has to be no more than 22 EUR. However, if the amount of individual product is higher than 22 EUR, for example 25 EUR and 5 EUR for a postage, then you will pay a tax in the total amount of EUR 30. Mostly, however, you do not have to worry, since postage is free of charge for more than 90% of all Chinese products available.

Where do I register with Aliexpress?

You can register at this address: Aliexpress online store
On the top right, select “Sign In, Join, My Aliexpress” and then “Join Free”. Then, fill in your personal information on the next page and choose your desired password and confirm your registration by choosing “Create Your account”. You can change the monetary currency at any time to EUR and the country to any European country.

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Aliexpress Discount Code

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