Chamomile. Natural remedy with anti-cancer properties.

The chamomile that is considered a basic herb has so many medicinal benefits that people would enjoy it more often if they knew about it. It has anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, which, on regular consumption, rely on the vitality of the whole body. It also provides pain relief, psychiatric illnesses, improves wound healing, helps to haemorrhoids, and greatly contributes to detoxification of the body.

chamomile flowers

Chamomile is a ancient medicinal plant, which is often known for its use as a common chamomile tea, which is suitable to relax your mind and body. The history of chamomile is ancient, since our ancestors used it for medical purposes 5000 years ago. Chamomile is available as Roman and German chamomile, but they differ in their composition of matter, which is somewhat different, so you can notice the difference in smell when consuming chamomile tea. Usually, chamomile is used for herbal infusion preparation, which is good for healing purposes. The popular uses of chamomile preparations include the treatment of fever, inflammation, muscle cramps, menstrual disorders, insomnia, ulcers, infections, gastrointestinal disorders and haemorrhoids. Chamomile is also used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, varicella, psoriasis and acne.

The word “chamomile” has Greek origin, which means “earth apple”. The word is composed of khamai, which means “on the ground” and the melon, which means “apple”. Chamomile shape is similar by mentioned words. It develops its shape when the plant ripens and it is mainly used for medicinal purposes. Chamomile is definitely the most common medicinal herb used for alternative medicine purposes, but many people forgot about this ancient and beneficial plants. The market and trend is build for money and not to help people with good and effective herbs, because marketers prefer to choose new exotic herbs that are profitable but do not bring as much benefits as chamomile but they do bring novelties.

What natural ingredients does chamomile have?

Chamomile is an effective agent for many diseases because of its natural phytochemicals. It is composed of more than 100 different substances. Therefore, the effects of chamomile are so exceptional because microbes are not able to develop resistance to so many different chemicals at the same time. This is a pure advantage and the main reason why you should consume herbs in their natural form.

You can think of what would happen to the immunity of bacteria, fungi, and viruses if they receive each substance of chamomile separately in the form of dietary supplements. In a matter of decades, microbes would become extremely resistant, and it would be much more difficult to eliminate pathogens than before you consume dietary supplements. In nature, each plant contains an incredibly large amount of different substances, which always work better than antibiotics or any other pharmaceutical drugs. Chamomile consists of 0.2 to 1.9 percent of volatile oils composed of different oils. Scientists discovered about 120 secondary metabolites, of which 28 terpenoids and 36 flavonoids. The main ingredients of essential oil obtained from flowers of the German chamomile are α-bisabolol terpenoids and its azulens, including the derivatives of camazulene and acetylene. Kamazulen and bisabolol are very unstable and are best preserved in alcoholic tincture. In any case, the benefits of using a chamomile to acquire all of its substances are also available in forms such as 1)

Chamomile contains 36 flavanoids and 28 terpenoids. Main
flavanoids are apigenin, luteolin, patuletin, and quercetin.

Healing properties of chamomile plant

1. Chamomile has antibacterial properties

If you have problems with colds as results of a bacterial, fungal or viral infection, you should know that the main reason for their growth is because of excessive intake of sugar and insufficient oxygen. People usually stays entire day in the same room without adequate amount of fresh air. It is very good to ventilate your rooms at home often. Even if doing so, chamomile tea can make a difference, because it can literally cleanse the oral cavity and esophagus with its natural flavonoids.

Chamomile works effectively on all types of microbes, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Chamomile also effectively help in destruction of cancer cells. That’s why you only need chamomile tea, which can be used as a beverage or as a preparation with which you will topically clean the outer parts of the skin. For those who have problems with acne skin, regular irrigation of the skin in chamomile water can be remarkably remarkable. If you drink plenty of water, you can enrich it without having to cook it by using chamomile drops that contain all medicines like conventional chamomile. In any case, it is best to prepare fresh tea several times and do not forget about the introduction of healthy fats, as chamomile also acts sterile if you often enjoy it. (1)

2. Chamomile has anti-cancer properties

A study done with a chamomile extract on the action of cancerous cells in humans showed that chamomile polyphenols and terpenoids has excellent anti-cancer properties because they have proven different apoptosis of cancerous cells, which did not work negatively on healthy cells. Chamomile exposure resulted in differential apoptosis in cancer cells but not in normal cells at similar doses. Thus, chamomile is proven to be an effective natural plant that can be used in treatment of cancer without any undesirable side effects. The research is a clear indication that chamomile can be consumed much more often and it is wise to prepare chamomible tea to your children, as they will often want to encroach on the same herbs when in their mature years, thus they will prevent many diseases or development of cancer. (2)

3. Chamomile naturally cures diabetes

Chamomile in the form of usual tea is the best herbal hypoglycemic alternative to conventional medicine, as researchers have showed excellent effects on lowering blood glucose and glucose control. Chamomile has been proven to treat diabetes in animals where the scientists demonstrated the potential benefit of chamomile tea in hyperglycaemia, and it can be used for patients with diabetes as a substitute for the usual treatment with conventional medication. People should enjoy chamomile tea when they are healthy, as they would preserve their vitality and effectively prevent the onset of diabetes. People who are only aware of therapeutic benefits of such herbs and who usually consume chamomile tea only when they are ill, cannot expect the same potential as they would get it if they consume chamomile tea while they’re healthy. However, chamomile is the best alternative to conventional drugs that are used to lower blood sugar in hyperglycaemia. (3)

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

Chamomile is traditionally used to treat various forms of inflammation, such as chronic inflammation of skin, eyes, sinuses, and a variety of other inflammatory diseases. They is also an excellent anti-inflammatory herb in the treatment of haemorrhoids. However, research of modalities treatment is different. Chamomile tea does not have such a strong direct effect in severe forms of certain disease, but it is recommended to for topical use. Dried chamomile flowers are also beneficial in many studies, as they provide large set of flavanoids and other antioxidants that help treat certain inflammation. You can opt for pure chamomile tea, which, from my experience, is an excellent oral disinfectant and can be also used for any extwrnal application. I definitely recommend regular chamomile tea because you do not need to waste money for unnecessary food supplements. You can also buy chamomile in its natural form, such as essential oil, organic dried chamomile flower or chamomile drops. You can also check the difference between Roman and German types of chamomile tea and then decide which one is more appropriate for you. Scientists have discovered that use of chamomile in different forms of inflammation provides wonderful anti-inflammatory effects and affect the reduction of allergic reactions and accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues. Chamomile is the most effective in treating chronic inflammation when used topically.


5. Treatment of skin diseases

Chamomile tea is the best choice as a natural remedy for all types of skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. If you have such problems and want to use medical blends and other corticosteroid products like elocytes, it is time that you throw them away, because you will do the best for your skin and help prevent long-term problems. Rather than synthetic preparations, choose chamomile anti-inflammatory creams or topical forms of chamomile preparations. All you need is an ordinary chamomile that you can use it as a cleansing agent or disinfectant for all types of skin diseases or rashes. These problems are results of infection that is the root of all problems. In most cases, the true cause for skin diseases in public is often misdiagnosed, as the treatment is also completely incorrect. Whenever you decide for natural treatment, no matter what kind of problems do you have, you will be the right path that is natural and ensures long-term success. Chamomile tea is the most commonly forgotten natural herb that offers wonderful long-term benefits for your skin and overall health. Chamomile is also the best natural remedy for the treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. To treat skin problems, many creams containing chamomile are available in your local shops. You can significantly improve your skin when you enrich it with chamomile polyphenols and other antioxidants.

Chamomile is the best natural remedy for treatment
bacterial, fungal and viral infections

6. Wound healing

Chamomile serves as the best antiseptic for microbial disinfection and is also used for better wound healing. Do not think to use any other remedy in addition to saline and chamomile if you have an external injury. Chamomile as mentioned above contains more than 120 different antimicrobials that provide wide range of antioxidants. The combination of chamomile and saline solution is the best choice to clean wounds or scratches. If you don’t have saline solution at home to perform a disinfection of wound, you can simply prepare chamomile tea and add little amount of sea salt. You need about 9 grams of salt per liter of boiled water with chamomile, so you get aproximtally 0.9% solution. An important ingredient in such a mixture is the iodine which is provided by natural sea salt in the right ratio, while commercial saline solution does not contain any iodine at all.

7. Natural treatment of scalp problems

Hair loss can be result from a hidden long-term chronic infection with certain types of bacteria or viruses that remain hidden on the scalp. In addition to these problems, women often have another problems with hair loss due to regular change of their hair color by use of artificial colors. Each unnatural color interferes with the normal flow of nutrients and oxygen, which in the long run leads to the blockage of normal hair. This is the main reason why they become fragile and brittle as synthetic dyes empty all the necessary nutrients that are found in the normal hair. There is also a reason in a disgraceful diet that does not contain enough high-quality proteins and minerals. You can do a lot to revitalize your scalp by changing your diet. Chamomile tea should never be mixed with fructose or plain sugar, as it would only feed the microbes that usually inhabit the scalp surface. Always use the chamomile in its natural form and stay firm when cleansing the scalp, as it is necessary to repeat the procedure every month before you can expect that chronically damaged scalp will recover. Chamomile feeds your hair and scalp with antioxidants and polyphenols and effectively cleanses and disinfects the surface of your skin.

8. Quality sleep

Chamomile is used by our ancestors as natural herb that relaxes and calms entire body. Before you go to bed, you can drink chamomile tea or you can consume it in the daytime. Chamomile works calmly, which is not the same as equating it with sleep action. Milk for example, can also be drunk before you go to bed, because it should work in the similar way.

Chamomile, according to the latest research, have helped many people to achieve quality sleep and eliminate insomnia and anxiety. Chronic caffeinated coffee drinkers will be much more sleepy after they have completed the effects of caffeine than those who will drink chamomile tea. Chamomile, like many other herbs, regulate the natural bio-rhythm and functioning of the immune system, as its effect as mentioned before is calming, which also helps your children with hyperactivity and anxiety problems to solve their issues. The study done on the use of chamomile in the form of aromatherapy showed an effective reduction in level of anxiety and improved sleep quality from all participants in the study. Chamomile aromatherapy can also be used as an independent intervention to lower anxiety levels. Problems with insomnia can also be solved by preparing a beautiful chamomile bath in combination with chamomile aromatherapy. (4)

9. Natural detoxification of body

Chamomile is the best natural remedy that combines toxins and other waste substances in the body with its compounds. If you eat a lot of meat products, you can try a completely simple chamomile test. Decide that you will cook the meat in the water in which you add chamomile. It’s enough to add two chamomile filters to notice the difference. If you like pre-prepared dishes seasoned with sea of ​​artificial additives, preservatives and overdoses of salt, you will perfectly wash your flesh with chamomile water and neutralize artificial additives. Similarly, it is happening in the body where chamomile binds all of the acids and solvents, and, together with urine, help to eliminate it from the body. Detoxification can be done by enriching your food with chamomile tea or by simply enjoying it as a warm herbal preparation. In any case, remember that excessive amounts of any herb also flushes the body of important minerals such as iron, zinc and copper, which is why it is always desirable to have a varied and diverse natural diet. You can get used to enjoying chamomile tea without adding sugar or honey. If you add natural powdered vanilla to tea, you will achieve a great velvet smell and taste.

10. Chamomile essential oil as the best natural air disinfectant

Chamomile is used to be cheap herb but when you want the area of essentials oils, chamomile is actually the most expensive among all other herbs. The reason for its high price is because it is not as strong as other herbs and manufacturers needs to destroy a lot of flowers before they can produce the same amount of essential oil as they would with other herbs. If you decide to disinfect air at your home, the chamomile essential oil is the best choice you can do. The airborne bacteria and viruses can be neutralized with this oil effectively, all you need to do is to put couple drops of essential oil to a glass of water or to your aromatherapy diffuser.

Personal advice for use of chamomile

Before you decide to treat chamomile, just like all other herbs, ask yourself what kind of tea did you mostly enjoy in childhood. Your body is used accustomed to certain substances that you received them when you were young. It is also important what kind of herbs your parents often used, because you have already developed tolerance on certain phytochemicals. If you decide to use any new herbs, it is good to know how your immune system reacts to their antigens. There are so many different personal opinions around the world, because one particular herb can help someone, while the same herb can be harmful to another. Check yourself for any food intolerances you may have or even better that you listen to your body after consumption of particular foods to recognize if you experience any intolerant reaction. I never have any problems with chamomile, because I regularly enjoyed this herb in my childhood. However, I gave up on many exotic herbs, although they have an excellent flavors or potential benefits because they unfortunately caused intolerant and allergic reactions. Chamomile is the most common herb, known world wide, often a forgotten natural remedy. Simply because it is cheap and available everywhere or because it doesn’t bring as much profits as other exotic herbs, it doesn’t mean that it is not as good as the best and expensive herbs.

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