Cure for dry eyes. What is the truth about natural remedies?

People with chronic dry eyes problems usually want a natural cure. Before you can accept the truth about natural remedies and treatment for dry eyes, you should understand that this world wide known problem will never be solved in short period of time. It is a condition that is developed after a long period of time, usually couple of years, decades before eventually chronic dry eyes become an every day problem for individual. Learn the truth behind the science that will help you save a lot of time.

cure for dry eyes

What truly heals our eyes naturally?

The answer is very complex, composed of many different subjects. Dry eyes is not a problem related only to eyes but entire body, life style, diet, habits and environment. I will tell you everything that I’ve tried before I managed to find natural cure for dry eyes since this problem bothered me for more than 10 years. I read tons of articles, ebooks, individual advises, forum discussions, went from one doctor to another and never received any benefit or improvement no matter if I searched for solution at conventional or alternative medicine. I will explain that natural cure deserves complete dedication to your health. It requires a lot of time and effort to make your condition improved.

What remedies and diets have I tried?

I’ve tried over hundreds supplements and replaced all possible diets that existed. I’ve read almost every single advice on the internet, spend months of my time on ebooks, believe to every advice I received from my local doctors and gone through a nightmare of experiments that brought me to one and only truth that is right. You are excited to get the right information, are you? Let me tell you that studying dry eyes for over 10 years can save you so many unnecessary investments that will likely benefit from my knowledge and experience.

It is a waste of time to tell you that I’ve tried all diets from vegan, vegetarian, keto, mixed solutions with adding supplements, herbs and other natural remedies before I finally found a cure for dry eyes. If you think that you will get a quick solution that will cure your problems with one pill, capsule or tablet, you are terribly mistaken. This is only a false misconception that greedy marketers usually use to sell their completely useless and harmful supplements.

Do not trust whatever you read on the internet

This is the main rule that you should accept, no matter if it is related to dry eyes or any other subjects in your life. Do not trust anything or anyone before it complies with your intuition and your mind.

If you believe individual’s people blogs, forums like dryeyezone and others, I can tell you that this is a complete waste of time and money. Ask yourself if 90% of internet health related discussions are based to sell certain products? Someone can become a member of certain discussion in order to sell his products not to help people. Do not trust any supplement provider and even do not trust dry eye pubmed clinical trials and studies. Do you know Why? Because I’ve gone through all possible studies, individual advises, conventional doctor recommendations, supplements and remedies that should help and treat dry eyes but they didn’t work. I will explain why you need to solve this issue the other way. Studies are usually made in vivo or vitro, lack of real people, experiments are often done on animals and that can’t be value authentic study that is good for people.

What is the truth about cure for dry eyes?

Finally you will know the real truth behind all discussions, studies and conventional knowledge. Dry eyes are result of bacterial and viral infection. No matter if you try to find other cause, this is the main reason, the truth that your eye membranes, eyelids and conjunctiva are infected with millions of microbes. It is completely common that all sufferers have infected entire sinus canals not only their eyes. Your eye liquid is contaminated of millions of microbes which cause inflammatory responses. This liquid goes around the sinus and infect all sensitive parts. I explained very simply that anyone can finally understand what cause dry eye problems.

Where and how did certain infection come to your eyes?

Infection that is caused by certain virus like herpes or HPV can clearly come to your eyes without a problem. I wanted a proof and made a biological tests that confirmed I was right because results confirmed two different types of bacteria: staphylococcus epidermidis and enterobacter asburiae. Biological tests also confirmed HPV infection. This was a reason why I had so much troubles and no one told me the truth.

This was my root cause for dry eyes. When you exactly know what is the reason for your problems, you can start working on your treatment. I received many conventional antibiotics which only worsen my problems on a long term like corticosteroids. These antibiotics thins your eye membranes which leads to new problems. My suggestion is to not trust anything that is synthetically produced. Always use natural remedies. Our bacteria are completely resistant to all commercial drugs that are made in laboratories. You should trust natural products, real foods and herbs. This will make a tremendous benefit and change to your health.

Why do our eyes become dry?

Our eyes gets dried because bacteria release toxins and acid on surface of our eyes. If our body will make more natural tear liquid, bacteria could replicate because it gets more water. Our immune system wants you to close your eyes and give enough time to properly heal the surface and remove the contamination.

What helps to heal dry eyes?

I made 100% improvement when I completely changed my life style and my environment, my room where I spend most time.

1. Natural and healthy diet
The best you can do is to accept diet rich in proteins, vegetables and no sugars. If you plan to cure your dry eyes, you need to make a decision and be free of all sugars for at least 12 months. Sugar is the problem because it quickly comes to your bloodstream and eventually it comes to every capillary on your eyes where sugars flows like it would be in the river, where animals can feed on them. Chronic dry eyes are result of long term bacterial and viral contamination and whenever sugar comes to your bloodstream, it simply feeds those microbes on your eyes. You actually give them a simple food instead of antimicrobials. I suggest that you consume no sugars at all, no commercial made candies, chocolates and no fruit as well. Exceptions can be fruits like blueberries, strawberries in small amounts. Avocado, nuts and seeds are all excellent source of food with almost no sugars. You should consume complex carbohydrates which don’t raise glucose as simple sugars. They are slowly released and microbes needs to transform them in order to get energy.

2.Spend at least one hour every day outside
Physical activity is very important but you need to be active outside not inside in some fitness club to get desired results. You can go for a walk two times a day for around 30 minutes. That will make a huge difference. You can also spend time outside at your house if you have opportunity for fresh air. Oxygen is the key element that inhibit all bacteria and viruses efficiently. We are made of oxygen, 65% by mass, it is the main element that is the best to remove pathogens. I assume you weren’t quite physically active or spend your time outdoor for many years, did you? Time to change your negative habits.

3. Fresh air
I installed recuperation system in my room to receive fresh air every hour. That makes another 100% improvement, especially at night. You can ventilate your room often, remove bad air and bring fresh air inside. The most important is to realize that one square meter of air is composed of millions of microbes. Bacteria replicate every 20 minutes for 100%, they prefer wet and warm environment.

4. Replace textile surfaces
Next thing is to change all textile surfaces in your house. Remove textile from the floor and replace with vinyl if you haven’t done that already. I gained another 100% improvement when I’ve done that. This was truly a big difference that made my health condition a lot better.

5. Temperature
Get yourself air conditioner device and set temperature to around no more than 20 Degree Celsius. Microbes in the air replicate for 100% in 20 minutes and when you lower temperature you will gain tremendous benefit. They want warm environment and they replicate even ten times faster when you raise temperature above 24 Degree Celsius.

6. Aromatherapy diffuser
I recommended chamomile essential oil to disinfect your room two times a day. This will make another 50% improvement. I’ve tried many other essential oils like lavender oil, tea tree oil and basil oil, but I recommend chamomile because it is the most pleasant and soft with antimicrobial properties. It is expensive compared to other essential oil for the reason because a lot of chamomile flowers needs to be destroyed in order to produce small amounts of this beautiful healthy essential oil.

7. Eyelid hygiene
This is every day habit that is best to be performed after you wake up and before you go to sleep. Cotton ear sticks should be your an everyday friend to clean your eyelids. This makes another 100% improvement. Also make sure that you clean your mouth after every meal with sensitive toothbrush and sensitive toothpaste. Removal of mouth pathogens can results in great improvement for your eyes because these microbes trigger inflammatory responses. (1)

Complete hygiene of entire body is recommended
Our body has limited amount of army. White blood cells responsible to fight infections and parasites are those who are responsible to clean your eyes. If you have too many areas in your body where these cells are busy with infections, it is completely common that you have chronic dry eye condition. I recommend that you also do a sinus cleanse with Sinus Wash Pot Neti Trimmer with saline. You can also add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to the mixture to neutralize all acids in the sinuses caused by infection.

8. Do not use artificial tears from any provider
All eye drops contain liquid that is not the same as natural eye liquid which contains immunoglobulins, iodine, NaCl, antibacterial agents, lactoferrin and minerals. Remember. All kinds of artificial tears will only FEED YOUR BACTERIA and VIRUSES on your eyes. I’ve tried so many artificial tears and my own home made artificial eye drops. I will tell you what truly works the best for your eyes.

9. Homemade artificial tears
If you need to wash your eyes completely and effectively, buy 0,9% NaCl. Prepare chamomile tea and mix together 50% of 0,9% NaCl and 50% of chamomile tea. It is important that you get approximately 0,45% NaCl in solution to proper disinfection. Usual 0,9 NaCl is strong and works a solvent like mild acid. It is a salt of course. I’ve tried chamombile alone and saline but it isn’t good as mentioned combination. You can buy saline ampules like saline drops at your local shop or you can buy them online at iHerb shop. You need two things to make perfect home made eye drops: saline and chamomile tea. It is important to use it only once or twice a day not more, because you need to let your own body to make proper tear liquid that is composed of antimicrobials, immunoglobulins and other antibacterial substances. I suggest that you use home made artificial tears only when necessary.

After you use your own home made artificial tears, spend at least 30 minutes outside, relaxed in front of your house. It is important to get fresh air, full of oxygen for 30 minutes when your eyes are closed. Do not stay in some warm room where millions of airborne bacteria are present around you. This is the time that your body have opportunity to eliminate all pathogens that are dormant and hide on your eye surface. (2)

For severe eye problems I suggest you to avoid all commercial artificial tears because they do not contain antimicrobial agents. I’ve tried all different eye drops available in my country and I bought some online. The only artificial tears that contain antifungals that disinfect your eyes are available at aliexpress. If you have severe problems this product can help you relieve symptoms.

10. Diet without sugars
Diet is very important for management of dry eyes. The best option is too go without regulars sugars and fruits. Complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates. I found that rice is the worst food of complex carbohydrates, the effect is similar to plain simple sugars because it is wet and not dry food. Even if it is gluten free I do not recommend any type of rice.

Vegetables: Consume green leafy vegetables like lettuce iceberg, green beans, zucchini, spinach and avocado.

Meat: Lean proteins from grass fed animals like beef. I personally found that beef has the strongest collagen and elastin from all types of meat. It is the best type of meat compared to other animals like pork, chicken or turkey. Beef has the best ratio fo arginine and lysine. I found that arginine is very important contrary to popular beliefs that lysine is good. Lysine will only make a harm to your tissues because it will make them softer, while arginine will make them stringer and harder. Beef is the best meat I’ve tried. You can make a combination of fish to get natural omega 3 but never buy supplemental omega 3. Any type of fish contains not only omega 3 but also omega 6, 9 and saturated fats. You need complete porfolio otherwise you will only deteriorate natural structure of your tissues. Remember. High doses of omega 3 cause bleeding disorders and also make your bones weak. Our cells are made of saturated fats, the main reason why we consume milk for long period of time when we are born. It has no vitamin E or omega 3 but only saturated fats with small amount of vitamin A.

Nuts and seeds: I recommend sesame seeds every day. They truly help with dry eyes. I also prefer raw cocoa powder or unsweetened dark chocolate. Walnuts are also a good choice for natural omega 3 fatty acids.

Carbohydrates: Gluten free. Buckwheat is a good choice because it is high in proteins and minerals. Cornmeal mixed with spinach or zucchini is also good choice for gluten free food.

The only supplement I consumed to improve my condition was arginine. I personally recommend Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate which is 90% arginine and 10% antioxidant. You should consume version which has ratio 90% arginine and 10% alpha keto glutarate. 1000 mg per day is okay but even better to consume nuts and seeds because they are very high in natural arginine. I will tell you another experience from arginine. You should recognise without any statistics which food contains highest amount of arginine compared to lysine simply by their structure. If the food is hard, it contains more arginine. if the food is soft, it contains more lysine. Lysine was proven to fight acne and herpes only in laboratory because it makes microbial tissues softer. It also makes your tissues softer because these two types of amino acids compete in your blood. I always recommend arginine if you want long term hardness and protection.

Our muscles need arginine, glycine and methionine to form new tissues. Sesame seeds contains the highest amount of arginine and glycine compared to other foods. I personally favour sesame seeds because it has no sugars and it is high in all major minerals. It it the best natural food for dry eyes.

11. Food intolerance test
This is a must if you have dry eyes. Avoid all foods no matter if they are healthy or not if they trigger auto immune responses. I had to replace chicken eggs, cow dairy and gluten rich grain like wheat.

food intolerance test

Do not consume artificial sweeteners
Do not consume any fruit except small amounts of blueberries and strawberries. Avocado is also a good alternative with almost no sugars. Do not consume any type of artificial sweeteners. Do not consume honey when you have problems wirh dry eyes because honey quickly elevate blood sugar and when your glucose is high it feeds bacteria and viruses through blood vessels even on your eyes. Foods circulates in your body in form of simple sugars which is a great source of energy for pathogens. If you want bee products buy propolis which is sugar free.

Sweetness can be achieved with nuts and seeds. Buy sesame butter or tahini which are grinded and fried sesame seeds. Consume small amount of nuts and seeds to get desirable sweetness.

12. Quality sleep

If you experience redness and pain when you woke up in the morning, sleep on the left or right side. It is important that gravity does not make surface bacteria to penetrate into your eyes. When your head is turned on the left or right, gravity is changed. Pathogens cannot penetrate to your iris or internal parts of the eye. This is a good test to understand that your eyes are infected. Sleep with window open if you have option for fresh air. A lot of oxygen will dramatically change your health condition. Oxygen is the main weapon of our white blood cells to fight infection. You cannot compare any supplement or food to benefits of oxygen.

All remedies and supplements I’ve tried.
Okay, it’s time to let you know what herbs, supplements and other remedies I’ve tried.

Borage Oil
Castor Oil
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Flaxseed oil
Omega 3 Fish oil
Coconut oil
Oregano oil
Cinnamon oil
Green Tea Extract

All of mentioned will only harm your immune system and your entire body. Proved.

Other supplements I consumed were zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, lysine, arginine, proline, inositol phosphate, resveratrol, B complex vitamins, liquid iodine, manuka honey and propolis. I can mention that I’ve spent over 2000 USD for supplements and realized that I needed at least five years of natural food to regain my previous health condition. They didn’t work and they will never work. They are a complete waste of money and your valuable health. If you like to buy supplements, buy real whole food which is also available at iHerb. Avoid pills, softgels, capsules and tablets. This is simply artificial emptiness for your body. Supplements that are concentrated, usually contain high doses of certain ingredients that are not found in natural form in such quantity. These doses make your pathogens only more harmful and more resistant. Do not buy it if you want to stay healthy.

Conclusion on supplements: DO NOT BUY supplements EVER. They will never heal or improve your dry eye condition. Always buy natural whole foods even if you buy through iHerb. Examples are saffron, propolis, cocoa butter, gelatin, sesame seeds, walnuts, raw cocoa powder, dark unsweetened chocolate.

If you want healthy life style, I described what kind of foods will help you and what changes will do a tremendous benefits for your eyes. If you like my suggestions, accept my knowledge and experience and use it wisely or do not use it if you believe that it won’t help. Never trust conventional or alternative medicine because you can get inexperienced people on both sides. Always trust the nature and you will find your cure. Chronic dry eyes requires a lot of time to heal and there is no shortcuts like couple days. You have all the information you need to heal yourself completely.

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