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I dedicated my e-book of wide range of knowledge to anyone who suffer from OCD. I want you to know the real truth behind science. My book has unique natural methods that can help you save your time with OCD. If you are tired of OCD information spread around the internet on solutions to overcome obsessive compulsive disorder, you can learn the real truth based on my own past suffering and struggling with OCD. - Julian Salomon, Author

If you are suffering with obsessive compulsive disorder and are just sick of it, the OCD Formulas is the book that have valuable answers to OCD problems. The main purpose of my book is to understand OCD and learn natural methods that can help you overcome your obsessions, compulsions and other phobias you might have. It is not necessarily that you only suffer from certain obsessions. The typical phobias presents fears related to animals, flying, injections, indoor places, etc, the matters associated with certain object or situation. If someone has experienced fear of any type in his childhood, it has been written in the emotional part of the brain and can cause severe anxiety and phobias in his adulthood.

Why would you want to go over all that long procedure yourself, if you can save time and huge amounts of money with just one book! In order to beat OCD you need three major things, the correct information, the right action and persistence. All you have to do is learn the unique method and get a practice with it, with little effort you can achieve good results. I cannot guarantee the same results for everyone but you will get the best information that will save you a lot of time and money. If you've taken medications and worked with therapists and still suffer, there is hope! I know it is not easy because the world doesn't have cure for OCD. The real truth is that cure cannot be found until you found the true reasons for development of OCD. Because if I managed to beat OCD, I am certainly not the only person, many of the people who bought the book, gained tremendous results! The approach that I take with my clients is the same I took it with me.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."
- Albert Einstein

You know what is the major problem in today's medical field? They are trying to explain every problem with materialistic approach and search for any possible indications that may prove our brain or other parts of the body does not function properly. The fact is that mind formulas, thus our totality of psychic condition reflects to our physical appearance and processes. For comparison, if you have software problems with a hard drive of your computer, would you change anything by replacing it? Buying a new hard drive would not change the information or programs stored on it, so physically you would only gain new product built with different materials, but that won't solve the problem. The hard drive will still operate under the same motor process. Thus you could changed physical appereance of the product, but in order to eliminate software problems you need to replace information and programs virtually stored on the hard drive. Similar explanation goes for the mind, you could have perfect brain and body, but as long as your behavioral patterns are structured with negative formulas, you could suffer from various obsessions and rituals.

"You need to remove specific behavioral patterns
in order to manage OCD!"

Deep voice inside your mind has always been telling you that you've been INSTICTLY correct about the major fact that OCD cannot be beaten within few days. The answer is correct. OCD cannot be reversed in just a few days. Five years before I managed to understand the nature of obsessions, I was desperately seeking for any kind of help, spent thousands of dollars on therapists and gone through lots of available books and alternative techniques people were guaranting they're going to help. I was demanding for help, I tried almost everything possible, from visits of various doctors, terapists, bioenergetic healers, tested numerous pills, homeopatic remedies, flower essences, powerful vitamin and mineral supplements, entirely changed food habits, engaged in sport activities and even gone through four year hypnoteraphy sessions. There were numerous products on the internet selling overnight solutions full of promises, that didn't help much. I lost a lot of money and time.

I learned that taking shortcuts and quick solutions always brings individual to the longest path.

The origin does not originate from your physical matter, from genetics, in contrast to many experts who claim it has genetic roots, it is simply the matter of behavioral process and adoption of thought patterns. If one or both of your parents have thought you about particular rule when you were young, it is likely you have strongly internalized that specific behavior as a certain formula, under which basis you were upgrading additional patterns. For instance, I was thought that whenever you tighten the screws at any mechanical task, you need to recheck screws are really tightened enough. This is just a basic example how parents affect their children to adopt certain behavioral pattern under which they perform hundreds of different tasks. There could be thousands of similar formulas written in your subconscious which together form a solid structure where obsessions and compulsions occur. The fact is that you were not born with such behavioral patterns, you've been thought about them from your educators! Fortunately there is a cure for this disorder and the book explains it to its details.

Written by European ex-sufferer
Over 15 years of experience with OCD
Detailed explanation of the origin, structure, development and elimination of OCD
Combined expertise from psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and behavioral therapy
Method developed by years of massive research and experience with professional hypnotherapist
Natural and unique method to help you understand OCD
No hundreds of books or additional material, just one ebook that contains all the information
Method that helps you manage anxiety problems and phobias
I spent over 20,000 USD and have 4 years of individual therapies with hypnotherapist


The key to properly manage OCD is to use a completely natural and unique method.

Various types of relaxation techniques can help calm down the anxiety but does not cure disorder. This unique method goes right down to the origin of the problem and reveals the truth.

OCD Formulas is a book that provides a step by step description of how to manage OCD. People suffering from this disorder could develop a large range of various obsessions and compulsions. They can even upgrade them to extremely complicated forms and thus difficult to be eliminated.

"You were not born with OCD,
you were thought with these formulas!"

When you manage to understand your OCD, it reflects as the opposite condition. The whole psychic power that was drained for so long becomes an enormous willpower for all the objectives you always wanted to achieve. People who suffer from OCD are usually not aware that they have extreme talents and willpower that is trapped and remain unexpressed.


P.S. It is necessary that you don't allow your OCD its dominance anymore.
If you need any advice, simply send an email to info@wiseoid.com
14 days money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with E-Book.

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