Obsessive Thoughts. How To Get Rid Of Them?

Obsessive thoughts are the most common marker of obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessions are always linked with major engine that creates them. This is fear. We all understand that behavioral patterns have been adapted from childhood on a subconscious level whether you like them or not. If you truly want to know the truth behind science and conventional cognitive behavioral therapies, you have all information from my own experience explained.

obsessive thoughts

How do we start with treatment for obsessive thoughts?

First you need to identify what kind of obsessive thoughts do you have in order to make a comprehensive approach. If you are unable to control your intrusive thoughts, it means that you are likely suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

Your obsessive thoughts can be associated with particular contamination fears such as fear of specific germs, bacteria, dirt or any sticky substances. These thoughts can also associated with different phobias whether you are afraid of specific objects or places such as having fear for specific animals, being afraid of flying with a plane or that something bad might happen if you’re not going to perform certain task. You can also have variety of religious or moral doubts or even prohibited sexually related thoughts. These intrusive thoughts are usually indicating that a person is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, which is the world’s most expanding mental disorder that has started its development in people’s early stages.

Study made in 2014 for perceptual properties of obsessive thoughts had a conclusion that they are associated with low insight in obsessive compulsive disorder. Researchers explained that obsessions are traditionally defined as repetitive thoughts that the individual is unable to resist. The study explored the frequency of obsessions and their relationship with illness insight and depression. Participants showed moderate symptom severity. A total of 73% of them affirmed that their obsessions contained perceptual features. The predominant perceptual channels were visual, tactile, and somatic like bodily sensations. The extent of perceptual aspects associated with obsessions was strongly correlated with lack of insight but not depression severity. The present study suggests that obsessive thoughts are frequently accompanied by perceptual sensations. Apparently, the more authentic the obsessive thought is experienced, the less the afflicted person is able to dismiss its content as fully irrational or absurd. (1)

This study proves nothing valuable like most studies unfortunately. I can say that scientists search for solutions in the wrong way because they do not know what is origin of OCD. I know that obsessions are triggered by viral and bacterial infection on sensitive areas such as eyes and sinuses. The predisposition of course is mental infection like I called the negative behavioral patterns adapted by violence in family or orders that were required to obey in your childhood. All formulas that our mind accepted was based on fear. That is something that works like a seed but it grow bigger, stronger and harder within years or decades. Obsessive thoughts are a product of chronic fear in your subconsciousness.

Prescribed medications are the worst and unhealthy option for obsessive thoughts

Asking yourself how to get rid of these obsessions is demanding for an answer how to stop OCD entirely. There are a lot of methods available for treating this disorder but most of them very ineffective. Usually doctor prescribe person who is diagnosed with OCD certain medications known as SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft and others. These are typical antidepressants to treat anxiety disorders. These drugs act on serotonin level in brain by blocking its reuptake by neurons and thus leaving more of this chemical in entire brain’s neurotransmitter network. The medications usually only calm your obsessive thoughts so your subconscious mind is not provoking them for certain period of time. It means that pills works for a while, but doesn’t cure your OCD, hence they only put the these obsessive thoughts under the doormat. No matter what kind of pills you are using they’re not going to change your habits, they will only reduce the symptoms to certain level. Besides they also provoke additional mental problems due to their side effects.

Obsessive thoughts are a product of
chronic fear in your subconsciousness.

Another approach the medical field use a lot is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which trains individual how to resist performance of certain rituals and ignore his obsessions. This method is another example of inefficiency of today’s medical care because it doesn’t remove the real cause but only tries to prevent person from performing certain actions. In order to achieve successful results, a person has to make a comprehensive analysis of his obsessive thoughts which are triggered from certain behavioral patterns that lie in subconscious mind.

What science told us about Obsessive thoughts suppression?

Many people with OCD asked themselves how to suppress their obsessive thoughts? Science found that a thought suppression is a complex pattern.

Thought suppression like consciously trying to avoid specific intrusive thoughts from entering consciousness has been argued to be an inadequate strategy in case of unwanted obsessive thoughts. Researchers said that thought suppression seems to result in more rather than less intrusions. They examined which strategies of mental control people use to suppress unwanted thoughts. Results suggest that the crucial mechanism in thought suppression may not be distraction but self punishment. All they did in the analysis is nothing else but statistical approach with no treatment of cure provided. Self punishment is the origin of what stress and fear with negative formulas did to your mind. We all managed to operate in our life with certain formulas, usually if parents wanted to be respected often made a terrible mistake by punishment their children if they won’t obey certain orders. That is the origin, the root cause where everything grow to wide area of negative behavioral patterns and obsessive thoughts in the later stage of your life. (2)

The natural way to overcome obsessive thoughts

The only effective way is to connect conscious mind with subconscious, identify the origin of specific obsessive thought and simply eliminate it. The natural way doesn’t include only mental approach, this should be entire life style change. You need to accept healthy diet, sport, quality sleep and relaxational methods in order to cure your OCD. Without entire change of your life style and habits, there are no methods that would affect your mind. Usually OCD sufferers have weak immune system. I found myself that I was infected for 20 years not even knowing it. I developed cancer and find the link between physical and mental infection. This was the true origin along with mental predispositions from childhood. This is what triggers obsessive thought to extreme forms. The only proven natural whole food herb that regenerate and form new stem cells is saffron. Even with this valuable remedy you need to understand that only 20 mg a day.

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