Perfection and OCD. Are they linked?

Perfection is often related with obsessive compulsive disorder but the reality of the truth is different from what many doctors said. Many people don’t know that perfection isn’t necessarily linked with obsessions because it can be completely natural state or condition of an individual. Terms like perfection mean the state or quality of being perfect or a person or thing that is considered to be perfect. Learn the truth about OCD and perfection.

ocd and perfection

Perfection can be completely common state that is not linked with any kind of obsessions or disease. Whenever certain condition becomes intrusive and encourage individual to perform certain duties to get desired perfection, it is an obsessive behavior. The difference is when common duty becomes obsessive. It is important to expose the fact that perfection is a tendency of many people in the world to meet certain conditions set at unrealistically high standards. Some people tend to achieve perfection in every particular subject whether this concerns house cleaning tasks, private status or even financial status or other relationship matters.

The world trend of capitalism has established certain mindset within society that influentially has made people obsessed with perfection. You should be aware that perfection conditions simply can’t exist in reality. This is just a phenomenon that can only exist in our minds.

Need for Perfection is often related with obsessions that include different tasks

1. An overwhelming fear of making mistakes. A need for things to be “done right” or “perfect”. These tasks may
be accompanied by a fear that punishment will result to individual or others if certain things are not done perfectly
2. Fear of the consequences of making mistakes are usually overestimated
3. Fear that individual’s work will be seen as being poorly done with possible punishment
4. Need to bring the same level effort, detail and energy to every task
5. Need to have things feel, look or sound “right”
6. An intense fear of making the wrong decision
7. A great need to finish some action or project once it is started

Rituals that may be done in an attempt to reduce the anxiety caused by perfectionism include:
Repeatedly rewrite or revise work, reports, business or personal letters to get the penmanship or alignment “just right”
Redo work to the extent that work or projects cannot be completed in a timely manner; spending an inordinate amount of time on minor details
Search for reassurance that tasks have been done well or correctly
Rewrite assignments to get the wording to sound or look “right”
Overly on rethink or revise decisions or inability to make a decision
Work overly-long hours to finish a project once it is started, inability to put a task aside and come back to it later
Avoid completion of an assignment because of the time and energy consumed by the need to have things perfect

Why such behavior? Where is the root cause of OCD?

It is written in your mind because of intense stress, chronic stress that have its roots in your childhood. Usually parents tell their children to do certain tasks or they will get punishment. It’s a basic formula for OCD development. When children can’t return certain fear or can’t express themselves back to those who started with stress, they punish themselves.

Let’s take an example for better understanding this subject. Presume that a car company claims that their car, which is manufactured very precisely by robots, is perfect. Because so many small details differ from car to car, there are bound to be small imperfections in everything from color finishes to deviations in any of thousands of components. Cars made in industries are relatively all the same, but certainly not absolutely the same. Perfection is generally described as a state of completeness and flawlessness.

Perfection is a term often associated with obsessive compulsive disorder. If someone is obsessed with unrealistically objectives, he usually suffers from OCD. The more an individual tries to achieve perfection, the more he suffers because of its impossibility to attain it. This state only exists in theory and is used for certain mathematical or chemical explanations.

A person with OCD will make particular decisions according to his definition of perfection and will not be satisfied with anything that is less than perfect. Such person also tends to strive for absolute perfection in various subjects, strictly adhering to specific rules.

The most common OCD symptoms that describes perfectionists covers wide range of indications such as being obsessed with exactness or accuracy with particular matter. It means that people who are perfectionists often have tends to have their personal belongings symmetrically arranged or organized. Their premises can be excessively cleaned. People who come for a visit feel their environment is the same as being sterile.

Perfection as objective within behavioral pattern can cause reactions on various subjects which often results in development of different mental disorders that gradually lead to deterioration of mental and consequently to physical state. For instance, some women are obsessed with having a perfect body in every aspect. As they start with proper diet or certain fitness program and gain improvements on specific parts of their bodies, they usually don’t find themselves satisfied because their limit is set to unrealistically high standard, to perfection. Some poor girls also find themselves too thick because they measure themselves by scale instead of realistically considering the actual physical appearance. They took results of the scale as primary for their making decisions. Such girls may result in eating disorders such as anorexia but indeed it is a mental disorder, often tightly associated with perfection.

Obsessive compulsive disorder has several symptoms that are interconnected with perfection but perfection itself is never an obsessive or linked with obsessive compulsive disorder. Learn unique and natural method that helps you stop OCD permanently here: perfection

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