Saffron is more than a herb. Natural antidrepressant.

Saffron is the most expensive herb in the world. It does have a lot of benefits for your body and mind. Saffron spice was proven by many studies with amazing regenerative properties on various health levels. People who suffer from depression or obsessions will benefit from this herb.

Saffron natural antidepressant

We all know that saffron is the most expensive herb in the world but many of us didn’t know that is also the only natural herb that improves all mental diseases. Compared to synthetically produced psychiatric medication, saffron doesn’t inhibit immune system and side effects. Conventional medications that are supposed to treat obsessions, depression and anxiety are nothing else than just poisons of new civilised society. Many people who tried completely natural saffron instead of their prescribed medications result in excellent improvement of overall mental and physical health condition.

Saffron is the best natural antidepressant

Researchers found that saffron is the most potent and effective natural herb in their study done in 2018. We all know that depression and anxiety are two most common mental health diseases with high economic and social costs. Currently, a lot of treatments are available for patients who with depression, obsessions and anxiety disorders who are usually prescribed with antidepressant drugs. Due to safety concerns, adverse effects, limited efficacy and low tolerability associated with many antidepressant and antianxiety medications, identification of novel natural agents with no toxicity and excellent outcome is warranted. Results of the study showed antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties of saffron, the dried saffron in several preclinical and clinical studies. Researchers found that saffron and its active constituents have antidepressant properties similar to those of current antidepressant medications such as fluoxetine, imipramine and citalopram, but with fewer reported side effects. Conclusion of the study was that saffron has antidepressant effects and represents an efficacious and safe treatment. (1)

Saffron is a natural antioxidant

Saffron is the world’s most expensive herb but it also has the most powerful beneficial properties among all herbs. Researchers found that saffron has antioxidant rich compounds that may modulate obesity and associated metabolic disorders. They can be potentially useful in prevention, control or management of overweight and obesity of individuals. Despite the lack of supporting evidence on possible weight loss effect of saffron in obese individuals, current knowledge about properties of saffron suggests that natural saffron can be responsible for lowering the risk of over snacking diet associated with obesity or promoting weight loss in overweight individuals. (2)

Saffron improves vision

Saffron is a great natural spice that also influence our brains and eyes. Saffron was found to be a great natural herb that improves blood flow to the eyes and therefore, improve vision in animals with age-related visual decline. This effect is mediated by crocin, which dilates the blood vessels carrying blood to the eyes. A lot of studies around the world found that saffron has beneficial effects on retinal regeneration. (3)

Saffron naturally heals obsessive compulsive disorder

There was a comparable study done between saffron and fluvoxamine in 2013 on 50 male and female participants aged of 18 to 60 years who had mild to moderate OCD. These patients received randomly either saffron 30 mg per day, 15 mg twice a day or fluvoxamine 100 mg a day for 10 weeks. Using the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale and the Adverse Event Checklist, researchers assessed the patients at baseline, and at the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, and tenth week. When they analyzed the data, they used general linear repeated measures. The results of the study were remarkable. 46 patients completed the trial. The researchers concluded that saffron is as effective as fluvoxamine in the treatment of patients with mild to moderate OCD. (4)

The difference is that fluxovamine like every synthetic medication don’t heal the body but only hinder the symptoms of mental disease while saffron naturally regenerate brains, eyes and other tissues. This is the reason why you will always benefit with real and natural herbs. Saffron also active stem cells which are responsible for retinal regeneration. Saffron supplements should be avoided at all cost. You should consume natural saffron threads because this is the only whole and real version of food with all natural nutrients. You can buy saffron at iHerb shop. I know that tablets or pills are sythetically produced and would never offer the whole substances that are available in natural saffron.

29.10.2018 | Health

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