The truth about vitamin D that can change your life

Have you ever asked yourself why our body creates vitamin D only until our skin is white? Why does our immune sytem naturally prevents this vitamin from getting it repeatedly if it is really as healthy as people say in the media? Did you know that vitamin D supplements are derived from animal origin? This miraculous vitamin, which some have loudly advocated for the benefit of its own earnings and propaganda, is actually obtained with sheep’s fat. Supplement manufacturers produce vitamin D with ultraviolet irradiation of so-called lanolin cholesterol, which was obtained from sheep wool. This means that vitamin D in a form of softgels is just another animal product that has been synthetically produced for the purpose of the greasy profits of pharmacies. There is no version for vegans and vegetarians, so it is necessary to go to expose yourself to the sun, where your skin will make it as much as it needs and no more.

vitamin D

Have you been asked, how will vitamin D effect on the development of human skeleton in the long term if you are getting it artificially? How will transform your body in twenty years time? How do you even know what kind of body you could have if you did not use it? Nobody asks about this. On the other hand, it is necessary to ask what would be missing your body if you consumed artificial vitamin D? The answer is simple.

In the natural human process, vitamin D is formed in our skin when it is exposed to the sun’s rays. In our liver it transforms into a form that the blood is able to carry through the body, and then turns into a hormone in the kidneys. Therefore, vitamin D, which is available in the form of dietary supplements, is an animal hormone. However, even if you are selling human origin, your body is deprived of the entire process from the onset of irradiation to the end where vitamin D3 is produced.

In this process, our body has created thousands of other chain processes that are important for the body to function normally in accordance with the laws of nature. These processes, however, do not include artificial vitamins. What are the long-term consequences if these processes are not? These things are identified by both individuals and scientists all over the world through various studies.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is not actually a true vitamin, but a pro hormone, a natural hormone precursor that acts as a major biochemical activator that triggers various processes in the body. It is very important that we all enable our bodies to function naturally with the help of sunlight, where besides many other parallel processes in the body, you benefits from protective melanin.

Have you ever wondered why our body creates vitamin D only until our skin darkens? Why does our body naturally prevent it from getting more often? If it would really be so healthy for our organism, it would be perfectly reasonable for our immune system to produce it in large quantities even when our skin darkens, right? Well, that’s not the reason. Naturally, a person does not generate a lot of vitamin D. When, for example, on the sea or elsewhere you are exposed to the sun, vitamin D consumes a large amount of energy and thus empties our body’s nutrient reserves and other supplies. Let’s explain things easily so that they are clear for everyone.

Vitamin D is naturally formed in our skin. When it is white, during the first few days of exposure to the sun, higher concentrations of vitamin D are generated compared when the skin darkens. Why? Because vitamin D promotes skin renewal and our body is aware that it needs extraordinary speed to regenerate damaged skin in a short period of time and thus protect it properly for the next day of sunbathing. When we are exposed to the sun for a long time that the skin becomes brown with the formation of melanin, the sun’s protection is so high that vitamin D is not formed any more. This is also a protection for the immune system, since the accelerated rate of healing and skin renewal in the sun requires enormous amounts of energy with increased consumption of proteins, fats, glucose and all minerals. Vitamin D is sometimes said to be a pro steroid, as it works in such power and speed as is usually typical of anabolic steroids. Therefore, a person can soon empty all of essential nutrients that he needs for normal functioning. Nature knows what is right. Your body knows when to accelerate and when these accelerations are no longer needed, you won’t be worried anymore because this is purely a natural way.

What would happen if our bodies would form Vitamin D after we get brown skin?

For example, if we had brown skin and if the body would continue to form high doses of vitamin D as early as before we started to sunbathe, then we would soon be completely emptied. Therefore, we have artificial vitamin D3, which, in addition ignores all of these natural processes of our immune system, our body is literally emptied to achieve the desired results. If you are on a supplemental vitamin D, you can feel great for some time, but that will only deteriorate your immune system, change your skeletal structure and reduce bone mass on a long term which was proven by studies. High doses of vitamin D encourage osteoclasts which releases calcium from our bones and not activation of osteoblasts which build our bones. With the help of vitamin D, your body can actually work 10 times faster which have many consequences. Therefore, such accelerations will last as long as you take this Vitamin as a dietary supplement. I recommend that you never buy any supplement at all. Always consume natural and real food. If you prefer iHerb or other online stores buy whole foods like raw cocoa powder, saffron, thyme, basil, honey and other products that are whole food products. Never buy pills, tablets or softgels. This is my personal advice because I have tried over hundreds of supplements and figure out that none of them will ever help anyone.

Vitamin D weaknesses

We explained many weaknesses of supplemental vitamin D already but there is another thing that would change your conceptions about supplemental vitamin D. Let’s not forget that accelerations work on all intestinal bacteria, but as we know, we have as many as trillions of them, or approximately 2 to 3 kg, per average adult person. They also work 10 times faster if you consume supplemental vitamin D and exaggerating vitamin D3 can lead to frequent hunger, the need for more food, insomnia, decalcification of the entire body, the breakdown of bone mass, and the breakdown of collagen, elastin and muscle tissue as well.

Bacteria release large amounts of acid in our body, which need be to adequately alkalized. Our body needs enough minerals in our blood, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other element to ensure proper pH balance. If you do not get all these nutrients in an appropriate form, they are taken carelessly from our skeleton, including facial bones and skull. Another reason why long term consumption of Vitamin D changes our bones. Therefore, after several years of using high doses of artificially added vitamin D, you can radically change the shape of your bones. They could become deformed by their size, shape and amount of bone mass. When you are on vitamin D, you also feel more heat and you are usually full of energy. Therefore, it is not surprising that people at sea, at night, feel great at night, because this is exactly the time when vitamin D is created naturally. At that time, people often seem to have the causes of so much energy elsewhere, but the truth is precisely in the accelerated functioning of the body due to the effect of vitamin D. At sea, we could say that we feel the steroid-like effects for which natural vitamin D is responsible.

After several years of supplemental
vitamin D consumption, you can radically
change the shape of your bones.

Vitamin D toxicity

The greatest risk of vitamin D in the form of a dietary supplement is its longevity and toxicity. If you consume artificially produced vitamin D, you may experience toxicity for more than a year because it usually stays in your liver and other tissues when you stop with your consumption. You’ve read it correctly, vitamin D can stay in your body for more than twelve months. Do not forget that this vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin not water soluble. All fat soluble vitamins can stay in your body for a long time and could make a huge damage to your immune system. Most people who had exaggerated with vitamin D doses for couple of days, usually disappeared from their tissues within a few months. But if mega doses were used, you can expect long-term consequences. Holecalciferol has extremely high toxicity properties, which we have already mentioned, but it is necessary to highlight certain studies.

High doses of vitamin D change natural bone shape

Vitamin D was used experimentally in children born with bone marrows, using one-off entries of 600,000 Vitamin D3 units. They noticed that after a certain time the bones had settled down. From such research you can conclude that vitamin D will not only work on bone fractures, but also on healthy skeletons. Therefore, many researchers didn’t ask themselves what is happening with bone extent and bone density in all parts of the human skeleton. Changes caused by vitamin D also appear on the face and skull of individual. Holecalciferol affects the transformation of all bones, so during the consumption of excessive amounts, the body emits all important minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. So your bones are smaller in size and extent so this vitamin needs to be tackled naturally. This will only be achieved by adjusting yourself to the sun and acquiring an entire ultraviolet color spectrum that can not be found in any solarium or artificially produced with any ultraviolet radiation products. That’s why many older people have healed themselves at sea, and contrary they get sick in chloro-saturated health resorts. At sea you have full oxygen, both in air and in water. The blood circulation is greatly improved, as you have transitions between hot and cold conditions and in addition you acquire all the natural spectrum of sunlight that activates thousands of chain reactions in your body that sheep vitamin D will definitely never be in existence. Natural radiation also ensures that our body is filled with bio-photons that are the key to health. In the box with vitamin D capsules you will not get any of these benefits. It is wise to take into account the nature and devote your body the time it takes for natural production of vitamin D.

Supplemental vitamin D has harmful effects to your health

The harmful effects of artificially produced vitamin D have been demonstrated by scientists through a study where more than 2,200 elderly women administered 500,000 vitamin D units in the form of a dietary supplement at an annual level. The study included oral vitamin D, which can not be compared to naturally produced, as it does not provide the true hormonal balance and, consequently, does not give the correct information to the immune system. After completing the study, researchers received surprising results because artificial vitamin D caused a long-term increased risk of falls and bone fractures, which is in complete contrast with natural vitamin D, obtained by exposure to sun rays. In any case, the research is a clear enough reason to avoid synthetic vitamin D, and all advertising and healing effects are at the expense of a natural vitamin, which is definitely a great agent for the treatment of all kinds of diseases. (1)

natural vitamin D

Prana can only be gathered with natural vitamin D

The last thing that relates to the energy aspect is prana, which is called life energy in India. The transfer of animal origin to human beings certainly has long-term consequences, but in today’s media world, it is usually not observed by man. People rely too much on researches, which is mostly performed in vitro, which means in the artificial laboratory environment. There is a lot of mischief, so it is necessary to take a lot of books that describe the wonderful effects of vitamin D with the reserve. Among these examples we can include a book entitled The Miraculous Results Of Extremely High Doses Of The Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D from 25,000 to 50,000 to 100,000 IU A Day. For comment I can say that I read the book personally and honestly laughed at propaganda for the benefit of Life Extension company to promote their dietary supplements and, of course, the author who added the phrase Most of the PhDs are just a bunch of fools at the end of the book which is actually true many times. Certain things can be defined correctly, because world healthcare has obsolete knowledge, which is completely useless for many diseases, because they mostly rotate people in the circle of pharmaceutical poisons that distract humans from nature. I personally tested Vitamin D in the form of dietary supplements in high doses, so I can confirm its certainty of negative long-term effects. I also performed a vitamin D laboratory test, which surprised me quite a bit, since after several months of stopping of vitamin D consumption, my blood showed that I still had an above-average concentration. Vitamin D has been stored in my body for almost a year, so do not believe those who advise you to buy it, because nature has a good reason why it does not allow us to have vitamin D for long period of time, but only to a certain extent and only for a limited time when it is really needed.

Never use vitamin D in artificial form in your life, but if you still decide to buy it, never exceed its dose by more than 4,000 units per day, which is the maximum permitted limit. Do not waste money on supplement pharmacies, because the price of vitamin D for 120 capsules is around 4 USD, which can be ordered through iHerb online store. I personally tried low, moderate and high doses of vitamin D for 2 years. I usually consumed 5000 IU vitamin D capsules. I advice you to not buy vitamin D in any form. Always remember that you will be more healthy when your body is applied to natural expose during summer. In the natural form, it can also be obtained with the help of the sun, 10,000 units a day, and you need no dietary supplements at all. Supplemental Vitamin D can only deprive of a lot of natural processes and also for the formation of melanin, which is an excellent skin protection agent. Decide to purchase a particular product in its natural form and not in the form of tablets or capsules. Vitamin D can also be gathered with fish and other seafood.

Why would you anyway carry an animal-produced vitamin D that was processed in their bodies and then transferred to your body? Is this a price for your health you want to pay for a single vitamin D box? It is important to note that do not search for shortcuts to cure any disease, as you will usually get to the goal after the longest possible route or not even come to your desired goal. Vitamin D needs a lot of energy for its operation, so it also repairs the tissues and bones in your body, but in such a way that your body draws together bones, skin and other tissues from existing substances that are available. In practice, this means that damaged skin will be repaired, but it will be structurally different and thinner. On the long run, this would be reflected as smaller and narrow size of your skeleton and other tissues because it is known that high-doses of vitamin D changes the shape of the bone entirely. Therefore, you should understand that it takes time and rest to make things well and properly healed. We weren’t born in couple of days but it is required a time, 9 months to get baby born. Moving away from nature and natural processes means that you move away from your health. That’s why you always opt for natural vitamin D, no matter how or where you get it. You will be more healthy without a single supplement rather than those who buy vitamins in the form of a dietary supplement. Trust me, I’ve tried them and I truly regret a single supplement I bought.

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