What are the benefits of goat milk for our health?

Goat milk is considered the healthiest milk because of its natural characteristics. It is appreciated around the world for his healing benefits and the elimination of many diseases. Goat milk does not cause allergic reactions such as cow milk, because it is naturally homogenized, easily digestible, and can cause lactose intolerance in rare cases. It is similar to human milk much more than any other type of milk.

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Healthy goat milk is a real natural remedy

In the past, the goat was considered an animal of the poor who could not afford the supply of cows. However, the same statement can also apply to many other foods such as millet, which later turned out to be completely false, as the benefits it provide to our health are invaluable. Goat and cow milk are similar in composition, but the difference is already evident in the color of subsequent products. Goat cheese has a distinctive white color and differs from the cow by the content of carotenoids, which are mostly converted into vitamin A by our body. Cow cheese usually contain more beta carotene, so the color is more yellowish while goat cheese is naturally white. If you want orange color of certain types of cheese it is because of additional artificial color. Nevertheless, it is still artificially dyed with supplemental beta carotene in many cases. In addition to beta carotene, the yellow pigment also includes riboflavin and niacin, which are important nutrients of vitamin B group. In addition, goat milk also contains choline, which is needed primarily by our brains. In addition to the above substances, goat milk has the right structure of fatty acids, where they are saturated in the foreground, which have a beneficial effect on skin regeneration. Human skin contains the highest proportion of fats from the group of saturated fatty acids, so that is the reason why goat milk has been used to treat skin and other diseases in the past.

Goats naturally feed on medicinal plants

Goats, unlike cows, decide for a different way of their food, because they want to lift their heads and decide on those parts of plants that other animals do not eat. That’s why their milk is so rich and beneficial, as they also pick up those parts of plants that grow much higher. Goats in nature consume over 500 different plants, which place them among the particularities of their food. They are considered to have a high intelligence quotient among natural animal species and are selective in their diet. If they have the choice of grazing, they prefer to eat with the best food and healing types of plants. Many researchers studied their peculiarities, as these animals are never linked with cancer. Scientists try to know their active ingredients that can help with many diseases.

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To obtain all the positive properties, goat’s milk must be purchased from a quality supplier who will provide high quality milk. In the past, the Greek physician Hippocrates cured many diseases using goat milk and its byproducts, such as goat cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt, which were considered to be natural remedies to eliminate many diseases like cancer. Goat milk, in addition have anti cancer properties, it is also antibacterial and antialergic. All products made from goat milk do not burden your digestive tract like products made from cow milk. Due to the combination and structure of fatty acids and minerals, goat products are an excellent choice for both younger and older people, healthy or ill.

Goat milk is not allergenic

Milk composition is not a key element for healing effects, but the key is found in many other substances that are transferred to the milk through the food of the plant origin that goats enjoy. For goat milk, the fatty molecule size is also responsible for therapeutic properties. Milk containing proteins are the main cause of allergies, especially in children. Problematic substances are proteins of the casein group, which is a major protein found in cow milk. It is as much as 90 percent higher than caseiin in goat milk. Therefore, there are two different types of casein, that is, A1, which is predominantly in cow milk and A2, which is found in goat milk. Most people have an intolerance to casein from cow milk, so they usually do not have problems with goat milk. Allergies are different, as symptoms occur shortly after ingestion and are accompanied by much more noticeable reactions than with intolerance, where they have delayed consequences. Goat milk contains a different type of casein than cow milk, therefore it is suitable for people with allergies, and it is also recommended for people with lactose intolerance, as it can be easily digestible. (1)

Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized

Goat milk is naturally homogenized, so it is not necessary to further homogenise it with pasteurisation. Each type of milk is identified after homogenization, in particular, so that it does not accumulate disturbances on the surface of the milk. As already mentioned, the size of fat cells is responsible for this state. These cells are about ten times smaller in goat milk compared to cow milk. Artificial homogenization of cow milk provide provide a smaller size of molecules, thus allowing longer shelf life, as microbes have a much more difficult task to process smaller fat molecules. The size of goat fat cells is very similar to those in human milk, so they are similar in size and allow good absorption.

Goat milk is easier to digest

Goat milk is known for its easy digestibility and relieving effects for stomach and metabolism. According to research, a person on average digests goat milk in only 40 minutes, which is extremely low according to the time it takes for cow milk, which is about two hours. What is hiding in goat milk for better digestibility? The answer to this question is found in milk fat. Goat milk has many therapeutic properties, since it prevents high blood pressure, protects our vascular walls, functions calmly and eliminate the effects of stress, improves mental capacity and concentration. Due to the content of its enzymes, which is mainly known in unprocessed raw milk, it promotes digestion and helps treat intestinal and stomach problems such as constipation. It is also beneficial to relieve respiratory illnesses and help with skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis. Goat milk, in addition to the above, also contains substances that inhibit aging processes. Therefore, the most appreciated goat milk product is cottage cheese, which detoxifies our body and strengthens our resistance.

Goat milk is most similar to human milk

The characteristic of goat milk is exactly in the size of fatty molecules, being ten times smaller than cows and therefore structurally most similar to human milk. This is also one of the main reasons why it effects completely different from any other standard cow milk. The vast majority of people are not informed that goats from all animals never get cancer. Because of the unknown properties studied by scientists, their organism does not suffer from cancer. Their milk is most similar to human, so parents whose children do not tolerate cow milk have the opportunity to provide them all the necessary nutrients with goat milk. However, never use goat or cow milk for children if it has not been previously heat treated. It is important to heat the milk because children do not have developed strong immune system like adults. There are living organisms found in milk that can replace all the benefits from goat milk with infection. Often, raw milk from domestic breeders can contain some types of bacteria that have poor effect on the digestion for children. Therefore, you can not find these problems in human milk, which is the reason that any animal’s milk needs to be boiled for people with a sensitive stomach or weak immune system. It is advisable to opt for goat milk that is pasteurized and sterilized, even though it has added certain emulsifiers for stability. Loss of enzymes on one hand and the acquisition of milk purity on the other hand are definitely your decision, but in the present time people often opt for such form of milk. As regards to homogenization, you do not have to burden yourself, as goat milk is homogenized by nature as previously mentioned.

Goat milk helps in eliminating cancer

Goat milk has many effective ingredients that work successfully in the fight against various types of viruses, fungi and even cancer. In study made in 2001, where goat milk was tested for carcinogenesis, it was found that it has protective effect for the organism and effectively acts as a anti cancer agent in hepatocarcinogenesis. Some people know for the benefits of goat milk from past because they are also familiar with the fact that goats are cancer free animals and were therefore used diligently to treat many diseases. In addition to all the plant active ingredients contained in goat milk, due to the rich diet of these animals, natural minerals such as iodine, which help to cleanse the body and improve the defense function, also help in treating the cancer. (2)

Whole foods products made from goat milk vs. supplements

Products made from goat milk should be whole foods not capsules or pills. The complete porfolio of nutrients and counteprparts that are found in goat milk should be consumed for benefits. I explained why supplements are not beneficial and linked to cancer in other article. There a lot of goat milk products and whenever you decide for them, make sure you buy whole food product. Goat milk powder is a whole food product that can be used to make your own healthy sugar free nutella or any other desert made from goat milk powder like milk chocolate.

What products made from goat milk are healthy?

goat milk products

Goat milk from goat who were fed in healthy and clean environment have pleasant taste and aroma of their milk. If you find goat milk with unpleasant taste, you should never buy any product from that manufacturer. Goat that are fed with natural food in mountains and enjoy in clean environment with fresh air, will have good quality of their milk. You should buy milk, cheese, cottage cheese and even whole foods that are usually available on web stores. These goat milk products are:

Healthy goat milk product:

Goat milk
Goat cheese
Goat cottage cheese
Goat Whey Protein
Goat Milk Powder

What about goat colostrum?

Goat colostrum has numerous beneficial properties because it is a rich source of lactoferrin. This is an iron binding glycoprotein which is a cell secreted mediator that modulates immune function in mammals. It is a molecule that directly assists in the influence of presenting cells for the development of T-helper cell polarization. There was a study made of lactoferrin role in maintaining immune homeostasis, in particular as a mediator of immune responses to infectious assault, trauma and injury. The researchers found that lactoferrin is a key element for inflammation and to protect against overaggressive microbial insults. It is one of the first factors released by neutrophils. We all know that we lack of lactoferrin production when we are having a disease like common cold, viral or bacterial infection. Lactoferrin is an agent that play a central role in host immunity. (3)

Goat colostrum is a good option for patients with cancer but it may work as antibiotic which means that pathogens can develop resistance if you consume large doses. Whatever is sold on the internet, it is concentrated and should be divided in smaller doses. 200 mg of colostrum a day is a dose that can beneficially affect your immune system. If you buy Goat colostrum you should consume no more than 200 mg of these colostrum per day. Otherwise you can expect high resistance and overgrowth of certain types of bacteria or viruses when you stop consuming this supplement. No matter how many studies have been done, it is important to always listen to your own body and rather than buying colostrum, buy other products that are not concentrated. Colostrum is meant as first milk for animals and I do not recommend it because it is actually a supplement. You should be healthy if you consume cottage cheese with whey protein and feel great. People need to know that major nutrient are proteins with combination of lactoferrin and other antimicrobials that delivers benefits for our overall health. Always choose natural products and avoid supplements that are extracts or concentrated forms of vitamins, minerals or other phytochemicals. Real and natural food is the only true way to be mentally and physically healthy.

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