What diet is good for dry eyes? My experience with natural food.

What diet can cure dry eyes? What natural foods and supplements can benefit and relieve symptoms of dry eyes? There are hundreds similar questions for the perfect diet for dry eyes but the truth is only one that requires natural way. Healthy life style and healthy diet can contribute to healthy eyes. Learn what diet helped my conditions of dry eyes. Learn the truth from my own experience with chronic dry eyes.

diet for dry eyes

I had first problems with dry eyes back in past century when I was 22 years old. I didn’t exercise regularly and I spend at least 12 hours in a frond of computer. Yes, it was radiation, flickering light coming from LCD display. What about these days, when people have smart phones, tablets, laptops and ordinary computers? Our eyes are actually intensively hurt by so much artificial light, which is the first major reason for development of dry eye problems.

1. Artificial light

That is everything from your home lights, TV displays, Computer displays, Smart phones and tablets. I know that you can clearly reverse so many problems with simple change of your habits.Do not work late at night, always work with natural light presence in your room and make sure that natural light neutralize the artificial light that is coming from your devices or home computer. If you have to do a homework, do it during the day when there is enough source of natural light. When it is time to switch on lamps at your home, rather than that, go to your bed and wake up early in the morning to do your tasks that you usually do in the evening. The change will be tremendous and you will benefit at least 100% based on your problems.

2. Spend at least an hour outside every day

The air outside contain 90% less bacteria, fungi, viruses and other allergens and it is rich in oxygen. Indoor air is filled with air borne bacteria that contributes to allergies and inflammation of your eyes and sinuses. If you exercise in your fitness club, exercise rather outside and make sure you have physical activity during the natural daylight.

Perfect Diet for dry eyes

Okay we are about to tell you about the diet. Every person is unique. Some of us are carnivores, some omnivores, some of us prefer more vegetables. I recommend that you remove allergens from your food. This include all processed food, we all know that they are many E, not errors, but additives, artificial sweeteners, loads of sugar and preservatives. You don’t need that.

You need fresh food with a lot of lean meat because your goal is to get high quality proteins with a lot of collagen and elastin. I prefer ground beef, turkey and fish. Combination of these foods can really change your condition. Animal source of proteins are best for dry eyes because they have already formed final amino acids in their protein structure, they are proper ratios and they include cholesterol not phytosterols.

When person is sick, it needs foods that do not require a lot of conversion. Vegan food for example requires a lot of conversion from phytochemicals and plant proteins to proper proteins and fats.

I would say that the best food for dry eyes is the food with no sugars. No fruits as well. There are no exceptions because sugar raise up blood glugoce which circulates around entire body. Sugar comes as a food for bacteria and other pathogens which multiply in your sinuses and surface of your eyes, hidden inside the eyelids.

Remove all sources of sugar

A lot of green coloured vegetables works anti-inflammatory, they calm the body, they heal wounds and disinfect dry eyes. I prefer zucchini, because they are the best source of potassium and natural vitamin C. They are loaded with minerals and contain no sugar. you can check our nutrition calculator to make your desire nutrient meal.

Sugar is available in small amounts in nuts and seeds and vegetables but this is okay. remove granulated sugar and other processed foods like candies and chocolate bars, cookies and cakes.

I prefer lean meat with a lot of green coloured vegetables and nuts and seeds. This is the best food plan to get your eyes cured. You need glucose of course because natural tears are composed of glucose as well. The most important is to not get fructose or sucrose but glucose. Complex carbohydrates are good. I prefer gluten free foods like cornmeal, millet and buckwheat. You can consume home made bread and avoid anything from your local shops. If you are not allergic to gluten, bread is a good choice because it is a dry food. It releases starch slowly which is very good for people with diabetes.

Nuts and seeds are very important, I personally didn’t find peanuts or walnuts great for dry eyes, but I found sesame seeds an excellent source of minerals and high quality proteins. They are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. They also contain the strongest proteins like arginine and glycine which are responsible for formation of muscles and regeneration of our skin.


Sesame seeds, almonds and raw cocoa powder are good choice for dry eyes. Combination of zucchini, iceberg, green beans and ground beef can make a lot of benefits for your health.

Avoid allergens like chicken eggs and cow dairy. I prefer that you make food intolerance test to be sure what your body prefers and what you shouldn’t consume. When you are hungry, grinded sesame seeds will make a beautiful satisfaction. I often make sesame butter or tahini without any oil. It is a perfect food that has unsaturated fatty acids, high quality proteins and all important minerals.

I like lettuce iceberg and not endive or spinach, because iceberg is a light food and it is not saturated with loads of vitamins or minerals. Therefore you can eat one head every day, which is approximately 500 grams of lettuce. If you consume 1000 grams of fresh and quality zucchini, you will replace all of your needs for water. These foods will do an amazing change because our eyes needs collagen and elastin, and a lot of antibacterial phytochemicals that comes from green leafy vegetables. Zucchini are very high in potassium which always brings up your body fluid pH value and keeps it in the base alkaline condition. Cornmeal for example is the best food I’ve tried because you get a lot of water while bread doesn’t have as much water.

Avoid rice, if you like it, consume basmati rice. I found it as the best from all types of rice but it has starch that is easily released and transformed to blood sugar which is a problem because the condition is similar to regular sugar. You will only feed pathogens that make harm to your eyes and other tissues with simple sugars. I would call rice a simple sugar even if it is a complex sugar. There are differences between rice and corn, because corn contains a lot more minerals and proteins compared to rice and much harder starch that cannot be converted to energy as fast as rice starch.

Fats are important, get them from olive oil and regular butter. Olive oil is rich in unsaturated omega 6, while regular butter is rich in conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) which is also very important. CLA can also be found in ground beef. remember our eyes are lubricated with omega 3 and 6, while they are composed of saturated fatty acids as well. Our entire body is composed of saturated acid and not from unsaturated. This is crucial to remember, because lubrication won’t cure dry eyes. Fish oil own’t cure dry eyes, I’ve tried enough of omega 3 supplements. The only supplements that is good for dry eyes is arginine. It makes tissues strong and hard while lysine makes them soft and weak, vulnerable for bacteria and viruses on a long term. Never buy any supplement, no matter what you’ve been told about their benefits. The truth is that they won’t cure any disease or dry eyes.

Choose natural foods and natural life style to get better and be able to cure your dry eyes. Lean meat, green colored vegetables, nuts and seeds and complex carbohydrates preferable gluten free can do a lot of improvement.

17.12.2018 | Health

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