What is the real cause of scintillating scotoma?

Scintillating scotoma is a condition where you get partially blinded for couple of hours when you see reflecting light in parts of your vision. Since I had problems with this condition since I was 12 years old, I can tell you from my own experience what is the true cause for this disease.

scintillating scotoma

People talks about light aura, but it is not aura, it is a physical phenomenon as results of retinal and optic nerve damage. This phenomenon can only happen when multiple conditions are met.

1. Chronic stress

Stressful life and chronic fear. Two major reasons for development of this phenomenon. I know I had many limits from my parents due to school grades in my childhood. Often I remember that scintillating scotoma started when I was exhausted or under great amount of stress. I know that whenever this had happened, I need to go to rest for at least couple of hours in the dark place. Scientists found many hypotheses which doesn’t provide any real underlying reason. They found that ocular origin is the reason which is correct because the damage is always done on the retinal photoreceptors or optic nerve. (1)

2. Hypertension

The real problem that triggers scintillating scotoma is not only stress itself, but hypertension as well. Stress and hypertension are often related conditions which create a good predisposition for development of scintillating scotoma. I know that if you fear something constantly in your subconsciousness, you have sort of a mental virus that creates environment for such condition.

3. Artificial light

Another reason that triggers this phenomenon is artificial light. Strong and intense light, that penetrates through your eye membrane to the back of your eyes where retinal photoreceptors lie, often makes moderate damage to these cells which triggers this condition. When certain photoreceptors break, they release their particles in vitreous humour. Dead cells cause flickering light that partially blinds the person for several hours until your body regenerate damaged tissues. The truth is simple. When we are born, we have around 6 million cones, 125 million rods in each eye. When our cells break apart we lose a lot of these valuable cells. Each trigger usually cause loss of thousands retinal cells which eventually makes your vision worse every time it happens. Computer screens, especially high intensive light that comes from smart phones or tablet computer which burden your eyes can be a major factor for retinal changes. If you an option always use big screen at home like 24 or 27 inch during a day and never when at night, because you don’t have natural light source to neutralize artificial light. Staring at artificial light in the dark is the worst you can do for your eyes. I found that white spectrum of artificial light creates the most powerful damage to retinal photoreceptors. Migraines are often linked with damage done from artificial light which creates combination of factors that influence on development of scintillating scotoma. (2)

The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein

4. Sugar

Any intense artificial light is very harmful for weak eyes. But there is another thing along with artificial light and chronic stress. I found that it has a lot to do with food. I consumed tons of candies, loaded with white sugar when I was young. Sugar raise up blood glucose so intense that it can reach every capillary in our eyes. When sugar flows in our blood it feeds pathogens, which multiply on the sensitive parts of our body such as sinuses and eyes. Sugar is also responsible for diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. I know that this condition is greatly correlated with amount of sugar.

5. Food allergens

Another thing that triggered Scintillating scotoma yesterday were chicken eggs and artificial sweetener. I made a cake without sugar but including eggs which i have strong intolerance but no allergy. I added xylitol and the reaction started when I went back to my computer where artificial light in combination with egg allergens or cholesterol created this phenomenon.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense”. – Buddha

It is wise to believe yourself and do not always trust scientists or rely on on their studies because if they knew the reason for certain disease, they could have developed a cure for it. I recommend that you always remember the words of Buddha.

My experience and conclusion

I remember I consumed a lot of eggs in my life. They are not recommended to any person who have problems with their eyes because they are extremely high in cholesterol. I hope this article will help a lot of people to understand major reasons for development of this disease. I read so many scientific articles but realized that conventional or alternative medicine cannot find the true cause if authors personally never experienced such problems. Only the sufferers with appropriate knowledge can understand the truth behind the science. Chronic stress, hypertension, sugar, intense artificial light and certain foods that cause high intolerance or allergy can create this condition. I realized that every time this happened, my vision got worse but it isn’t that noticeable if you lose couple hundreds of your retinal photoreceptors compared to other millions. This condition is also often related with diabetes. I explained what are the true reasons from my 20 years experience with this phenomenon. Remember for your own good, that spending whole day in front of low quality computer screen with strong white artificial light and consumption of high doses of sugar is the worst combination for your overall health. Our eyes needs a lot of oxygen, the highest doses are concentrated right on our retina. Spend at least an hour every day outside, get on a fresh air and try to sleep with your window open to fully regenerate your blood with oxygen. Exercise can make a tremendous change but it need to be performed outdoor not in your favourite fitness club. I know that any person who experienced this issues, have thinned retinal layers in their eyes. These people should make a complete change of their life style and diet in order to successfully heal themselves.

“Doubt everything. Find your own light.” – Buddha

I believe that conventional scientific research with cure won’t be found for at least 200 years based on current studies. People who get more knowledge based on true experience have more chances to help themselves rather than inexperienced people with conventional knowledge and proper education. That’s exactly what Buddha said: Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense”. We usually believe scientific studies with no real usefulness in reality. Simply because they are made by properly qualified people. What about their own experience? Maybe someone will accept information I mentioned from my research that will be useful for future studies. What I’ve learned from world health problems is that most studies are useless if there are no conclusion with definite facts. I spent years of studying individual researches based on mentioned problems with no help or any benefit. This is why I believe that personal experience can always benefit if someone gathered facts for decades. My research and conclusion is based on my own experience and are not scientifically proven. If you believe that this information can help your problems, simply use it for your own disease or do not use it if you believe it won’t help. My purpose is to help people with real knowledge that can improve their condition.

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